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Coolest Jager Bomb Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I decided on a Jager Bomb Couple Costume for Halloween. I got the idea from this web site but made it my own, and used ideas from all of the postings.

Red Bull Can:
I went to a fabric store and bought a Stretchy material. The dress has an elastic band at the top where I double sided the material by Folding it in half. Plus I was able to tie it tight so that it wouldn’t fall down. I made pleats on the sides for a form fit and the dress was sewn down the back. I used masking tape to paint straight lines with a glittery fabric paint. The Red Bull logo is made out of foam paper and I traced it from a logo that I found on line and cut it out with an exacto knife, then glued it on with fabric paint. For the top I cut up an old hat and used cardboard and tin foil. There is a pop top on the top of the hat.

Jager Bottle:
This took some thinking. I used a foam roll that I found a the fabric store, I then cut out a hole for the his head to come through and used rectangular cardboard from a box to make shoulder pads and tied then down underneath with zip ties. After that I put fabric on the outside using a stapler to attach it to the foam (ghetto but it worked). The top is made out of a cut up hat, cardboard, and the same fabric as the bottle. For the logo I used a thicker, but flexable cardboard, and used an overhead projector to speed up the process rather than drawing it by hand. I painted the logo and attached it to the foam with those little gold pins used in elementary schools to make books.

The best part was that all the material only cost $60 and I had people arguing with me that we bought them. They did take about 16 hours total to make.

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