This year I had decided to be Inspector Gadget. But I wanted to make it in a way no one has done ever before. I searched everywhere online. I must have looked at hundreds of photos. Every photo was practically the same with the helicopter sitting on top of the hat and it was huge, or the hand was out huge as well sitting on top of the hat, maybe with no movement. So I challenged myself to have a hand and helicopter pop out to be a legit Inspector Gadget.

First I worked on the hand and it was easier than I thought. I put springs in to make the fingers move with a couple of cords in my pocket to make it wave. The helicopter; it was tough. The idea came to me when my umbrella turned inside out and broke. It took a couple of week to make it possible with fish wire. I used the material of the umbrella to make the propellers.

For the handle bars I used flexible rods of the umbrella. I used these two big springs I wrapped with electrical tap for the handles and attached them to the bar. I made this back pack to have it all come out of. For the helicopter, used curtain rods that you can widen like a rod inside a rod kind. I stabilized the big rod in the pack with a board block holding it. To make it go up I used a big lug nut, tied a heavy fish wire to it, ran the cord to a button. Pull the button and it went up and out. But pulled enough for the handle bars to poke out in which I grabbed to lift up and spin it with a touch of my finger.

I did the same thing with the hand but of curse I had to paint it yellow. To make it work, I had to attach the flapping hat to back pack. When I was walking around with it all on, looking at me from the front people could tell something was going to pop out of the hand. But I whipped out the helicopter game changer. I make crazy awesome costumes every year for Halloween since it my favorite holiday, but this year I took it to a whole new level. Thank you for reading.