We decided this year that our Halloween costumes would be Cheetara and Inspector Gadget.

Cheetara’s costume was 90% homemade. The only thing purchased in whole was the tights. The gold arm was the leg of a second pair of tights. The leotard was custom cut and sewn. The boot covers were made from a custom pattern; they were sewn and glued around a pair of ballet style wedge shoes. They were held together in the back with a long, thin strip of velcro.

The logo was printed off the computer onto printable canvas fabric and hand-stitched to the bodice. The armband was made of the same fleece-type fabric as the boots and leotard; it was cut from another hand-drawn, custom pattern and was attached with a little velcro. The staff was actually a replacement broom handle from a local hardware store.

I added facepaint and greasepaint make-up and Cheetara was complete! The absence of blonde hair was a personal decision, as I didn’t feel like wearing a wig around on Halloween.

Inspector Gadget’s costume was pieced together using various objects found at home. The coat was purchased from a thrift store and the underdress, which consisted of a white shirt, blue tie, blue pants, and brown shoes, were all part of an existing, everyday wardrobe.

The brown gloves were purchased and we attached to them various Dollar store trinkets: whistle, toothbrush and bubble wand. On the left glove thumb, however, was a small wire intended to look like the glove-phone.

The fedora was purchased off the internet and attached to the top of it, with some velcro, was a red, working siren light which we found. We placed two short air-conditioning duct pieces on the arms, to create a metal arm look.

A second pair of plain, brown gloves were brought and worn, when we were out, so that Inspector Gadget could pick things up.