Each and every year my kids and I try to come up with some kind of unique costumes. My son, Colby, came up with this idea on his own and I loved it. I had never seen anybody do this one before. So we decided to go for it.

We tried to make him fit the part as much as possible, so we purchased the tie, shirt, pants, shoes, and trench coat. (The trench coat was not easy to find in a child’s size, but finally found one online.)

The special agent hand and helicopter hat was where it got a bit tricky. The fedora hat was purchased at a costume store. We then attached a plastic cup (after spray painting it silver) by using a high temp glue gun. Holes were cut in the sides of the cup in order to run the “handles” through. The handles were made from PVC pipe and fittings and some rubber handle grips. The individual pieces were then painted silver, blue, and purple. The blades of the helicopter were wings from a large Styrofoam airplane also painted silver. This was attached using a small rod attached to a motor inside of the cup. The motor was part of a Halloween “walking hand” decoration that I found.

The decoration served two purposes. First, the motor that I cut out was used to allow the blades of the helicopter to spin. The control was in his pocket and he could start it up when he wanted. The second purpose of the decoration was I was able to recycle the rubber hand to make an “inspector gadget hand”. It had different items coming out of each finger, such as a toothbrush, mini umbrella, and a flame made from tissue paper. The rubber hand proved to be difficult to get on and off, but we found that Pam spray worked great for this. Probably didn’t feel the best, but it worked.

The costume turned out great and was a great idea from my son. I must warn you though that his arms did get very tired from holding the hat on.