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Cool Inspector Gadget Costume with Working Gadgets!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and every year I try to top my previous years costume to maintain my title as best costume in the Westdale Haunting Costume Contest! I was successful this year, but this costume will definitely be hard to beat next year.

This costume was much easier to make then it looks. I bought a hobby craft motor, a battery pack, an on/off switch and wire (all of this can be bought at the source for relatively cheap, for example I bought the motor for $5.99). The trickiest part was finding something to attach to the motor that would let me attach the propellor too. I ended up finding it at a hobby craft store, I am not sure what the part is called but it is used to make toy helicopters and only cost $1.89. I have included a photo of this piece.

Step 1: Find all parts and pieces:

  • Trench coat
  • White dress shirt
  • Blue tie
  • Pvc pipe
  • Pvc pipe elbow connectors
  • Brown fedora
  • Gloves
  • 2 toilet paper roles
  • Grey spray paint
  • Red spray paint
  • Black paint
  • Cardboard
  • 2 wooden paint sticks
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Step 2: Make Propellers. I glued 2 paint sticks together to form an x. Drilled a hole in the centre. I cut four pieces of cardboard in the shape of fan blades and glued them to the paint sticks. I then spray painted this all red.

Step 3: Put electronic parts together and test to see if it works.

Using red and black wire connect proper ends of the motor to proper ends of the battery pack, then use wire to connect the battery pack to an on/off switch. Put in batteries and test to see if it works. Make sure you can unattach wires from motor, you will need to thread the wire through pvc pipe later.

Step 4: Attach motor to hat.

Cut hole in the center of the top of the fedora. I hot glued the hat material to the motor (I used A LOT of glue to ensure it was in there very snug)

Step 5: Make and attach handles.

Cut plastic pvc pipe to proper size (size that works best for you) I cut 4 pieces (2 small pieces to come outside the hat and 2 pieces to attach to smaller pipe as handles). Spray paint the pipe and elbow pipe connecters silver.

After paint has dried, cut 2 holes on side of hat. Feed wire through first small pipe, elbow connecter and then larger pipe handle (switch and battery pack should be at bottom of pvc pipe handle). Then attach pipe to side of hat with hot glue (use a lot of glue to ensure it was secure)

Step 6: Make and attach handles. Paint 2 toilet paper rolls black. Cut out 4 circles out of cardboard which fit on bottom and top of toilet paper rolls. Hot glue bottom on toilet paper rolls and paint black. Insert battery pack and switch in one toilet paper roll, cut out hole for switch and secure on w glue. Attach other cardboard circle to PVC pipe and toilet paper roll with glue (make sure is very secure). Do the same for other handle except do not include battery pack or switch.

Step 7: Make gadget gloves. I found a small book light at dollar store, I took it apart and glued in the finger of my glove. I cut a hole in the tip of that finger. Very easy but looks very cool.

Step 8: Put it all together. Attach propeller to motor using piece from hobby craft store. Make sure it is tight.

There were a lot more gadgets I wanted to include but I just ran out of time. It was so much fun to make this costume and even more fun to show it off. Everyone loved the costume and kept turning on and off my heliocopter-hat . hope this works for you :)

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