Last Halloween, my boyfriend and I racked our brains to top our award winning costume from 2010. These original homemade Inspector Gadget and Penny Couple Costumes is what we came up with.

Inspector Gadget, fully equipped with a working helicopter hat made from an old battery operated rotisserie. We slapped a battery powered light in his siren and glued flippy hair to his fedora hat. The propellers were made from stockings and wire coat hangers. The trench coat, shirt and tie were all found at a local thrift store. For his badge we just took an old wallet and printed out an old Inspector Gadget picture and wrote in his name and information.

Penny’s costume was made with a red T shirt and a smaller white T shirt, cut so that it slid right over the red one. The encyclopedia “Laptop” was made by cutting pages out of an old book, some glow sticks and colored binder dividers. Brain is just a little stuffed dog we found at a local toy store. I put one of my red studded bracelets on his neck for a collar.

This costume was really fun and was a big hit! A big thank you to my Aunt Denise and Uncle Craig for helping with this project!