Original DIY Princess and The Pea Costume

My daughter recently heard the story of the Princess and the Pea and decided that’s what she wanted to be for Halloween. It took many nights of brainstorming this original Halloween costume idea, but this is how I finally did it.

I took 4 mid-weight sheets of cardboard cut out 4 circles large enough for my daughter and then hot glued on batting and fabric to look like mattresses.

On the bottom 2 mattresses I cut a semi-circle out of the front for the “pea” which I made out of a large Styrofoam ball painted green. I whip stitched the mattresses together and then attached the pea by threading it with a wire looping each end of the wire and sewing it on to the mattresses. I sewed a pillow onto the top of the bed to complete it.

I bought a large pair of men’s’ suspenders and attached them to the bottom mattress (on the inside) so that my daughter could wear her mattresses. I also stuffed a pair of kid’s tights with batting and sewed on a pair of slippers. I attached them to the front of the bed so that it would look like my daughter was lying on top of the bed.

A princess crown and dress completed the look. My daughter won 1st prize in our local costume contest and was a hit with the trick-or-treaters. We even had other parents flagging us down to take pictures.

Good luck with your original Halloween costume idea.

Total Spent: $30

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