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Cool Red Riding Hood and BIG Bad Wolf Couple Costume

To make my husband’s Grandma nightgown, I took a full size sheet, sewed it up in a nightgown shape, which was a challenging task considering my husband’s size and shape.  I attached elastic around the bottom of sleeves, then hot glued lace around the sleeves and bottom of gown.  The nightcap is a shower cap with eyelet lace material sewed on, and lace around the edges. The easiest way I found to sew the material on was to stretch it over a large bowl turned upside down.

To give the costume the full effect of a wolf in grandma’s nightgown, I took an old stuffed animal dog and sewed the ears to the nightcap. To make them “stand” up, wire was shaped and the ear slid over the wire.  This was the most difficult part, “the ears”.  I had a time trying to get them to stay up.  But, once he put the cap on, and I did a little adjusting it worked.

The “paws” are jersey gloves with fur from the stuffed dog glued on.  I even took the “tail” and attached to the back of nightgown.  I made little eyeglasses made from thin gold wire.   I didnt have to worry too much about a hairy face, as you can see…

Red Riding Hood’s costume was as simple as a red sheet.

This costume cost only $25.00 and a few hours of fun creative labor.

We attend an annual party at our friends every year.  I always make couples costumes for us.  To keep everyone in suspense, I never tell anyone what the costumes are from year to year.  In the past, we have been a pumpkin and black cat,  a black widow spider and its prey.  This was was the best idea so far.  Before we married six years ago, my husband never would consider dressing up.  So the reaction from the party guest was, “OMG we can’t believe he agreed to do this.”

I truly enjoy coming up and making the costumes.  Especially, the surprised appearance we make each year.

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