For Halloween this year, my daughter wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. For her, we purchased the cape, but everything else came out of our closets. The skirt was hers, the shirt was mine, with a few alterations. We bought some vinyl and put the grommets in to make the “corset”.

As her costume was coming along, I decided it would be fun to dress up the dog as the wolf disguised as grandmother. We always call our dog “the wolf” just as a nickname, so it seemed perfect!

For the grandmother, we had a cheap clear hotel shower curtain that I sprayed with some hot  pink glitter hairspray just to give it some color. Then I sewed some Velcro rollers around the edge. I glued the glasses on the rollers after popping out the lenses. Her “nightgown” is a pajama shirt of mine looped through her collar to stay up. I tucked her ears up into the shower cap, which surprisingly didn’t bother her much.

Daisy (the dog) did really well in costume. She didn’t really seem to mind at all and I think she stole the show. She really made the whole look for the costume, but wasn’t able to go out trick or treating.

Everyone loved the costumes and were able to identify her all night trick or treating.  This year, she got the most candy she has ever gotten for Halloween!

I always enjoy including our dogs or the whole family as part of our costume and I think this year’s really turned out well. It’s my favorite yet. Looking back, I wish we had dressed the other dog up as the woodsman. I really think costumes that you can make yourself or pull together at home are so much better than the store bought ones.