No-Sew Cookie Monster and Cookie Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I went in this cool couple costume as the Cookie monster and Cookies last Halloween. It was a huge hit at the costume party we went to! It was pretty straight forward to make this no-sew cookie monster and cookie couple costume:

Cookie costume – All you need is a black tank top, a black tutu, and brown and beige fabric. Using the brown fabric, I simply cut them into chocolate chips (all shapes and sizes). Next, I took a medium sized cup and cut a bunch of circles to make cookies. I then hot glued them onto my black tank top and tutu.

Cookie Monster costume – We found this blue jump suit at the local thrift shop, I believe it was for a smurf costume. We then hot glued two Styrofoam balls to the top of the suit to make eyes. Then grab a black sharpie and draw eyeballs on the Styrofoam. AND FINISHED!

Not looking for a prize, I just wanted to share our costume picture somewhere so others could use the idea :)

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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