Coolest DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume

This Homemade DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume outfit is something simple and cute that you can create in little time! I first got the idea to create this Cookie Monster outfit after looking at already made costumes online. I came across a cute Cookie Monster outfit but realized that I can make this for much cheaper and add a sweet touch to it by actually handing out cookies to everyone at the party! This outfit was such a hit and all the cookies were gone by the end of the night!


1 Shirt: (Buy according to your height, I bought a medium and I’m 5’4”) I went to the local Wal-Mart and found this Cookie Monster t-shirt. It is very inexpensive ($7) and they are sold at more places other than Wal-Mart. I am pretty sure I saw one at Spencers as well.
2. Head band. These head bands are sold at most Halloween stores.
3. Small box, Blue construction paper, tape, string/ribbon.
4. A batch of cookies

How to make it:

I first took the shirt and pulled my arms and head through the neckline of the shirt. Pull it all the way through till it becomes a tube top dress. It might take a little bit to stretch it out but push through it! After the shirt is stretched out the sleeves will be hanging. Take those sleeves and tie them in a double knot in the back of the “dress”. I then made the Cookie Monster cookie box. I had an old small box and cut the top open. I then took the blue construction paper and covered the box, hiding the cardboard or whatever print may be on it. Use the tape to secure the paper onto the box. After, take the ribbon and measure from your stomach around the back of your neck and then back down again to your stomach. Cut the ribbon and cut two holes into the sides of the box. String the ribbon through the holes and tie knots securing the ribbon.

I then ran to the grocery store and bought enough cookies to fill up the box (of course you can always bake them if you’d like). I put the whole outfit on as well as the box with the cookies in it and the head band and WaLa! The cutest homemade Cookie Monster costume!

Total Spent: $20

Homemade DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume

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14 thoughts on “Coolest DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume”

  1. Omg this is a good costume and a cheap one to make. Not to mention i already have the cookie monster shirt. One question though at exactly what store did you buy the head band and did you glue the eyes or did it come with them.

  2. hey i was going to do that for halloween this year and i was thinking did you buy the handband or did you just make it and where did you get the asseriories like the eye balls…?

  3. I have seen these at Halloween stores. I think it could be made as well. Buy a wide headband, glue a boa (or feathers) to it. They eye balls could be ping pong balls or styrofoam balls with the black drawn on w/marker.

  4. My 11-year-old daughter wore this for Halloween. We got an oversized shirt so it would be a little longer and age appropriate since she’s a younger girl. We ordered the headband from Amazon. Super easy but sweet. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  5. Just to let you guys know, u can buy this headband at most Halloween stores like Party City, and i am not positive but i think the headband comes the way it is in the picture. i am not positive about it, but if you want to check it out, go to!

  6. I really love this and I want to do it for a party on Saturday but I can’t find the shirt anywhere!! I don’t know what to do.. They don’t have it at any walmart.. Where else could I find it?


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