Creative Group Sesame Street Costumes

I’ve always made my own Halloween costumes and this past year my friends wanted to join in on the creativity  (and by join in I mean they wanted me to make all the costumes for them as well) . I was excited to start, as I consider Halloween as “My Day”. I love the challenge of making something that can’t be bought in a store, and showing up to the party knowing I have a one of a kind costume. So the process began. We needed a group costume with a large amount of characters to choose from. It had to be something simple that everyone could recognize or relate to. Sesame Street it was! Bring on the Sunny Days! It was a hit! The six of us definitely stood out. I can’t even count how many people approached us to take our picture. Everyone had fun staying in character, surprisingly even our husbands got into it, especially Cookie Monster who had fun handing out cookies to everyone! So here’s how our  creative group Sesame Street costumes came together.

For Bert and Ernie I bought plain green and blue t-shirts and hot glued ribbon on them to create the stripes, even adding a rubber ducky to Ernie’s shirt. Cookie Monster’s cookie jar was actually an ice cream bucket. I cut out cookies from felt and glued them all over. The Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster masks were bought used online. Big Bird was a challenge. We bought a white dress and white hoodie which we dyed yellow. I cut up a yellow Boa into small strips and glued them to the dress, hoodie and even the shoes. The face was carved out of Styrofoam, painted with puffy paint and hot glued onto the hood.

For Elmo we bought a furry vest with a hood and the eyes and nose were made out of Styrofoam, painted with puffy paint and hot glued on the hood. The furry legs are actually boot covers. For Oscar I bought a green furry vest and Oscar hat. The garbage can is made out of a knitting hoop and sewed a criss cross pattern on the metallic fabric that was then sewn onto the hoop. I added his infamous “Scram” sign and glued a wooden inchworm to the top. I also made a can cover using a smaller knitting hoop that was attached to the back. I used metallic rope to hang the garbage can and metallic duct tape to cover an old pair of boots I had.

I think it’s the small fun details that really bring the costumes to life!

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