After a month of trying to figure out a group costume, this year me and my friends decided to go as sesame street characters!

  • Elmo just found a cute red tutu & tank top, made her headband with marabou hot glued to a headband ,  also glued some to her shirt and skirt. The eyes are ping pong balls, with black marker for the pupils and of course a cute little orange pom pom nose.
  • Cookie monster bought a cheap dress and found fabric in almost the exact same colour! Used an old pair of shoes and glued some fur to them, lined the edge of the dress and made some quick wrist cuffs, hot glue was the best option for all of this. She added some felt cookies to complete the look, the headband was done the same as elmo.
  •  Big bird which is me was more difficult to figure out, I found the perfect colour yellow dress at walmart for $3, what a steal! Finding the correct yellow boas was not easy whatsoever I looked everywhere & when I found them I bought 7 of them to make sure I had enough. At first I was going to try to sew the boas to the dress to ensure they would not fall off, I stood in the dress while my mom pinned 7 boas around the dress , it was completely covered at first. It was impossible to sew cause the boas were falling apart, I ended up just hot gluing the boas to the dress, and as I was doing it I noticed it looked cute with just the bottom and collar done J  The headband I glues single feathers to the band with hot glue, then painted big birds eyelids with nail polish, the beak is a piece of foam with yellow felt on top to keep it more sturdy.  I bought yellow feather earings, and orange high socks . To create the feet I had old flats that I covered with orange foam & cut into the shape of the toes.
  • Oscar the grouch we used an old garbage can and cut out the bottom, spray painted it silver.  Used duct tape to make straps to keep it up, hot glued actual recycling garbage to the can and painted on Sesame street with acrylic paint. The top is actually an old lime green carpet that we cut a head hole into. Grouch was literally made 1 hour before we had to go out to a Halloween party !

We had a blast at the shag we went to, everyone said we should have won the group costume contest! The costumes stayed intact pretty well, minus big birds feet hah!  We could totally wear them another year :D