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Most Awesome Homemade Pinata Costume Ever!

Every year, I ‘m challenged with what my kids will be for Halloween. Being a stay at home mom to 4 kids is very expensive when you ‘re faced with store bought costumes.  So I figured why not make them like we used to in the 80’s?  I try to find project costumes that won ‘t be too challenging for me as far as time and difficulty.  I don ‘t sew well either.  This pinata costume I have to admit, I found on the internet so I tackled on the challenge.  It took a lot of felt pieces from Micheals.

I went to Goodwill and found the thinnest long sleeve shirt and pants I could find.  Remember, wearing felt is like wearing a warm coat all over your body; and if you live in southern California like I do, it can be very hot for the poor kid.  I cut each felt piece into strips then cut frays like a real pinata.  I don ‘t sew well so I hot glued each piece onto the garment until it was fully covered.  The hat, I made the base with a thin foam piece.  I eyeballed the way a donkey pinata ‘s head would be and cut it to pieces and stapled them together.  Then I hot glued the strips of felt onto the hat.  Don ‘t forget to add the eyes and nose too! This project took me about 2 days to complete.  I usually don ‘t work that fast, but it was coming out so well, I couldn ‘t get myself to stop working on it.

This costume was a total hit everywhere we went!! During the school Halloween parade, I had my son throw candy at the kids and teachers as he walked by.  Oh, and he won the costume contest too! When we went trick or treating, everyone kept raving about it; and even got extra candy for it too, lol!

Most Awesome Homemade Pinata Costume Ever!

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