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Coolest 60+ Homemade Monsters Inc Costumes

Go behind the closet door with the coolest Monsters Inc costumes. You will seriously be in awe at these incredible homemade costumes! If you are looking for an awesome, crowd-pleasing costume for Halloween, you have come to the right place.

Get costume inspiration from this hilarious movie about lovable monsters. Sew a fuzzy Sully or turn your toddler into a purple costumed Boo. Intimidated by creating a spherical Mike costume? Take a look at the detailed tutorials here. They will walk you through the DIY costume process, even if you have never crafted a costume before.

In addition, try a group or family costume using this theme. You will see examples here of fun loving families in their amazing homemade costumes.

So, dress up as the cutest, most non-scary monsters around with these DIY costumes. Discover the fantastic tutorials here so you can create your own.

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Featured Monsters Inc Costumes

Coolest Monsters Inc. Family Halloween Costumes

Coolest Monsters Inc. Family Halloween Costumes

I got the idea to do Monsters Inc when my 2 year old daughter was screaming and I found myself wondering if the lights were going to start flickering.  I realized she sounded just like “Boo” and was the perfect age to use that as a costume for Halloween.  Then I decided to have my son who’s 7 be “Mike”, my husband “Sulley”, and I would be “Celia”. I started with the “Mike” body using paper mache on a 4’ diameter weather balloon.  (I made sure when I inflated it that he could still fit through doors.)  The eye is a hamster ball that my husband cut in half and then heated it to bend the edges out so we would have a surface to glue it on with, then I just painted the eye on the inside. Read more »

Awesome Boo Toddler Costume

Awesome Boo Toddler Costume

This cute Chicken costume was originally made for my oldest daughter, 7 years ago. And it is just as cute on her baby sister, as the day she wore it! There is nothing like an 18 month old waddling around like a little chicken. This costume was pretty easy to make, and was my first homemade anything… requiring beginning sewing skills. Here is how it was done… Read more »