This Mike Wazoski Halloween costume was so much fun to make! My kids wanted to make our own costumes this year, for the first time, and they chose the characters from Monsters Inc. My son was Mike, and my daughters were Sully and Boo. I got the idea on how to make Mike while I was car shopping! I saw the huge balloons that they typically have to draw attention so I went home and ordered one online. Only 2 came in a package so I was extra careful with it. We looked up a recipe for paper mache and mixed flour and water and started to cover the balloon.

We taped on rolled up cardboard for the ears. It took days! We had to keep waiting for the layers to dry and because the balloon was so big it still felt rubbery. Eventually I just started caking layers of the mixture on, never mind the newspaper, because I was starting to get reluctant that the idea would even work. After about a week of adding more and more on, I got the idea to try dry wall. Yes, dry wall! I applied a thin layer just to solidify it. I didn’t want to add too much or my 5 year old would topple over while wearing it. It dried and I was finally able to pop the balloon at the top. We reinforced it in some spots with tape and cut out the entire bottom. Next we traced a dinner plate for the eye hole and cut it out.

The first major obstacle came about a week after we popped the balloon. The inside started to stink! It was probably from the flour and water mixture rotting. My son would run away or try to hold his breath every time I’d try it on him. My husband suggested that I spray it with Lysol and I did that every day for 4 days-it did the trick!

Finally we got to spray pain him green. The kids really had fun doing that! We hand painted the horns with white paint and used a weaving screen (with large holes) for the eye so my son would be able to see. I colored the screen in with a permanent marker.

We went to the Wellington Fall Festival this past weekend. My kids really enjoyed giving all the other kids high fives, hugs, and taking pictures with them. They even won the costume contest! We had so much fun making these costumes! Happy Halloween.