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Adorable Family Homemade Monsters Inc Costumes

For Dragon Con this year, we decided to be a Monsters inc. Family. My wife simply wanted me to paint an eye and a smile on a shirt, some purple spots on another, and sew a simple pillow Teddy monster… I’m an artist with Asperger’s… Yeah, simple, like THAT’s gonna’ happen!

Anyway, our Homemade Monsters Inc Costumes were on their way to be made! For Teddy monster, I did it right, nuff said. For Mike Wizowsky, I hand painted the shirt, ordered a hard hat and lime green scrub pants, printed a monsters inc. label, and taped it to the hat.

What I am here to tell you about is Sully. I did order a long tee from Amazon and painted the purple spots using acrylic paint mixed with textile medium and used embroidery hoops to keep the spots crisp.

Then I purchased an Ozark Trail blue closed cell foam camping mat and cut out back spikes and glued them to the shirt. I used Quick Grip for all of my gluing. $3.95 at Walmart. I bought some teal scrubs at Walmart $5.95. We had some pink fuzzy bear feet slippers that I painted with sea glass Krylon Maxx paint followed by Valspar Baby Blue paint from Lowe’s.

Now for the good part… Sully’s head. I walked into my laundry room and saw an old Shamwow on the shelf that I had not used for years and happened to be the right color. Boom… Sully was going to get a head! Drape over a basketball to get the rough size leaving 24″ more length than necessary in the front.

This will be folded up, Polyfilled, and sewn to make Sully’s chin and lower lip later. I goofed and only set aside 12″, hence the small chin. Sew then flip inside out to conceal the stitching. Cut a large rectangle of the blue foam mat long enough to fold over the head and cover the ears. Cut out holes for the ears.

This will support the whole head and keep the horns from sagging! Drape over a soccer ball on top of a desk trash can now to support it while you work. Eyebrows… Shamwow + Polyfill.

Eyes… packing peanuts melted together with a lighter, coated in plastic wood filler, sanded smooth, and then painted.

Horns… Egg crate bed foam glued alternating to make a solid foam. Then shaped with scissors. Then cut a wedge out of the side and glue to make the bend in the horn. Coat in plastic wood then paint. (I did not use the filler so yours will look better.) Glue to head.

Teeth… Large bubble wrap. Seriously! I’m not kidding. Coat with plastic wood then paint. Paint the base of the bubble wrap to match the head color to make gums. Add egg crate foam to the end ones to make fangs. Push in the center of the bubble to make perfect teeth. Glue in the mouth. Use black felt for the mouth interior and a piece of red anything for the tongue. I used plastic off of a bag of diapers!

Nose… Paper towel, tin foil, Shamwow paint. Glue to face. Make sure the nose is narrower than 3″ at the spot where your eye holes will be (Under Sully’s eyes.) Place on your head and locate.

Top lip…. cut to necessary width and about 6″ long. Fold 1 inch over itself until you have 2″ left exposed. Use glue to lock the roll then stitch to the face under the nose. Get some tarp grommets and set them as your eye holes. Paint to match head color. I think that covers it!

I did not have time to make a tail… So I wear a full cpap mask with a short tube to breathe fresh air. It keeps me cool and the costume bearable. People love this costume and I was often requested to do photos. If you want to be a great Sully, this is a great way to start!

Keep a tube of Quick Grip handy for emergency repairs if needed.
Look me up and like me on Facebook if you wish. Search for @tkkio.

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