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40+ Coolest Homemade Mexican Theme Costumes

Mexican culture has enriched our lives for the better. As a result, this inspirational collection of DIY Mexican theme costumes are vivid, bright and multicolored.

One fan favorite costume is to dress up as homemade piñatas. The fringes that you will see here are eye-catching and fun! There is definitely a smart method to creating this look. It pays to read the helpful hints and tips from the costumer makers here so you don’t repeat their mistakes.

In addition, not only are the piñata costumes beautiful, some people have expounded on them to make them hilarious as well. One costume comes with someone holding a bat next to it, another couple decided to use makeup to appear beaten up.

All that’s left to do now is to don a sombrero, eat a burrito and shout “Olé!” as you check out these awesome homemade Mexican theme costumes.

Latest Mexican Theme Costumes

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Featured Mexican Theme Costumes

Mexican Piñata Couple Costume

Mexican Pinata Couple Costume

For this costume, I made a piñata. I did this by free hand cutting felt and hot gluing it onto a shirt and a skirt that I already had. I got two party hats, cut the felt into smaller sections, using the same color order as my outfit and hot glued them to the hat. I cut the sleeve off my shirt and covered those with felt, I wore that as my leg warmers. I lined the skirt and the leg warmers with a lime green ribbon to make it a more complete look. Read more »

Original Taco Truck Costume: “El Taco Movil”

Original Taco Truck Costume:

I took two large boxes from Home Depot, cut them out in the shape of a truck. Then I spray painted all of the sides and let it dry over night. Next was all decoration! I used aluminum foil for the windshield and the hub-caps of the wheels. I used a lot of construction paper to decorate: make license plates, make my logo, a piñata, lights, etc. I added another piece of cardboard for the window where the tacos were being sold out of. Read more »