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Comic Con El Chapulin Colorado Tribute Costume

I decided to cosplay with El Chapulin for the first time this year, so what better place to do it at than at New York Comic Con 2015!

I put the costume together using:

  • Red compression pants/shirt
  • Red short sleeve t-shirt
  • Yellow shorts
  • Yellow converse sneakers w red laces
  • Cincinnati Reds fitted hat

For the Converse sneakers I added red laces also to give it a little extra pop. I cut out the letters C H using red felt & glued them (fabric glue) on the side of the sneaker. Around my waist I bought about 42′ in of red belt strap fabric material also a black clip to tie it all together (like a belt lol), I than cut a red shirt in the form of grasshopper wings and hot glued that to the belt.

I used yellow felt to cut out a heart & red felt to cut out the letters C H. Put it all together using fabric glue (a Non permanent one). The costume uses a red hood but I couldn’t find anything so I just used a Cincinnati Reds hat I had. I sharpied all the white with red; I used 20mm wire w some type of shoelace rope/string thing I found at the hobby store, cut a lengthy piece, inserted the wire thru. I looped it thru the holes in the hat to make antennas.

I used youtube to make the pompoms using red & yellow yarn (super easy). Since the actor who played the character passed away last year I added a yellow plastic ring (I think its used for sewing) and hot glued it to the side of the antennas (got the idea from watching Dragonball Z). Lastly I got a clown hammer from Party City & spray painted it yellow & red.

All in all the El Chapulin costume was fun to do this. A lot of people knew who I was and even got asked to get pics taken of me or with me. I definitely will do it again next year.

Comic Con El Chapulin Colorado Tribute Costume

Comic Con El Chapulin Colorado Tribute Costume

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