Costumes are kind of a big deal in our home. My husband and I go to 2-3 costume parties a year, and I always make them. They are usually pretty fabulous, so the bar was set high for our baby’s first Halloween. We thought up and dismissed several ideas before we settled on a baby pinata costume. It was perfect!!

We even had a “mommy and me” salsa dancing class that day! I didn’t anticipate how much work hand sewing it was going to be, but I still got it done just in the nick of time. When I got him dressed up in it, I knew it was worth all the effort. He was freakin’ adorable!!

He looked like a little Cabbage Patch baby in a pinata suit. Everywhere we went that day he got so many compliments. His poor little chubby cheeks got pinched by many, many ladies but he loved basking in all of the attention!