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Cool Pinata Costume for a Toddler

Ryan, my 13 month old is the stud wearing the piñata costume.  This piñata didn’t provide any candy, but he sure looked sweet wearing it!

I found it on Pinterest. It’s felt cut into strips and fringed, then glued onto a long sleeve one piece outfit.  The hat is cones made from a sheet of crafting foam attached to a headband.  I have about $20 in it.

Our first stop was the nursing home my step dad works for and the little ladies who were handing out candy loved it so much that they were still talking about it a week later.  My step dad has had to show their visitors pictures of it.  I have been asked by multiple people if i would make them one for next year.

I glued this onto a long john type outfit and when I got through with the first leg I instantly knew I screwed up.  My son has thunder thighs and I forgot to stretch the material out as I was gluing it on.  Going forward I did.  The first time we tried it on sure enough his fat leg didn’t fit in the first leg I did.  Needless to say I got to figure out how to remove hot glue from fabric!

I only burned myself about 10 times and pretty sure I created a whole slew of adult words!

It was so much fun creating this pinata costume for a toddler. Good luck with yours.


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