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Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume: Possessed/Demon Chick

This makeup was a last minute job.  I received an invite to a Jagermeister Halloween event that was free, had food, kegs and unlimited Jager in September, lol.  It was a bit odd, but since I LOVE Halloween, dressing up and free things (especially booze! lol), I decided I HAD to go!  So I pulled a PVC outfit from my closet, found some old horns and went to work on my makeup (steps below).  When I got there, I discovered the party was actually for a Jager Halloween commercial, which made the night even more awesome!  Was a killer party, great time and all for FREE!

  • I had previously bought and used red devil horns that could be worn with or without a finishing line string to hold them on.  I decided to use spirit gum, latex and scab blood to hold them on, which is risky, as they are a bit heavy (after sweating and dancing all night they did begin to come off).  So I applied the spirit gum, stuck em on and let them dry. I then applied some latex on the outside to help them stick
  • I used some white to lightly pail out my face and down my neck
  • I followed that with red on and around my eyes and blended it out
  • Then, I covered my lids and just under my eyes with black and blended that out into the red
  • After this, I used a very sharpened black eyeliner and black cream liner with a very thin brush to paint some veiny details under my eyes and brushed a bit of red just lightly on top of this
  • I used the same black eyeliner to lightly draw on some veins on my face, neck, arms and legs (anywhere exposed).  After they were drawn on, I used a tissue to dab them and lighten them up a bit.  After this I lightly brushed some red eye shadow over them to make them look bruised
  • After I was sure my horns were dry, I stuck some scab blood around the horns, nice and thick to make it look like they broke my skin and also help hold them on
  • After this, I applies a small amount of stage blood to the horns and let it drip down
  • I also covered my hands in blood and smeared them over my neck, chest, arms and legs

As an extra ‘cherry on top’, here’s how I spiked my Mohawk:

  • Hair spray and tease in sections so the entire Mohawk is already somewhat up, but messy
  • Follow this with the blow dryer to help harden the hairspray (make sure you’ve got a good, solid-holding hairspray)
  • Begin to use a comb to brush the hawk out and straight up, while spraying it and then blow drying it hard
  • Keep this process up until the entire hawk is up.  Also use your hands to straighten and bring the hair together
  • Use more spray and the blow dryer to fix any gaps and also solidify the hawk



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