Coolest Homemade Knight Costume Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Knight costume ideas shared with us by costume enthusiasts from around the world. Along with the costumes here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

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Horse costume by Ezequiel C., Rosario, Argentina

Coolest Homemade Knight Costume Ideas

This is a horse costume I made for a birthday party we had in a house. It’s a knight or a king riding a horse. The funny part is that you will look like a little person riding a horse!

You will need a cardboard box as wide as you are and approximately four feet long (I used an air conditioner box), cardboard for the head, tail, crown, sword, shield, rope to hang on your shoulders, old pants for little legs, old shoes for little feet and paint.

STEP 1: cut off the bottom of the box and make a hole in the middle of the upper side big enough to fit your waist through. Cut two slots on the upper side, one in the front and other in the back to put the head and tail through.

STEP 2: draw a horse head shape on a cardboard with a square part in the bottom (this will go inside the slot and hold the head up), same for the tail.

STEP 3: try everything on! Put the box on your body and the head and tail in the slots.

STEP 4: take the old pants and make a big hole in the crotch. It must be big enough for you to fit through. The legs will be hanging to your sides. Cut the pant legs at the knee and sew the old shoes to each leg. Now fill the legs with wrinkled newspapers to give them volume and shape.

STEP 5: make four holes in the upper side of the horse box to pass a piece of rope through on each side. Measure the rope, the box should be right below your waist.

STEP 6: paint the box like the horse has one of those dresses the kings used to put on their horses. I painted it blue with details in red and silver. Paint the horse’s head and tail as realistic as you can. I used common art paint.

STEP 7: make a crown, a sword and a shield out of cardboard, paint them. First put the old pants on then the box then the head and tail in the slots and you are ready to go! Wear black pants and black shoes on your real legs to complete your horse costume.

Total Spent: $5

Costume by Leslie J., Washington, DC

Knight Costume

Materials you need for this Knight costume: ‘Metallic’ fabric for the mail, shiny fabric for the tunic, gold lame for the cape and ‘boots’, gold and silver iron on decals for the coat of arms, elastic fusible interfacing, Velcro Stitch witchery. I made his ‘mail’ with metallic fabric. This took awhile since I didn’t use a pattern and kept trying to decide how to attach the part that goes over the shoulders. Also this material is not easy to sew–it gets stuck on the needle and tears the thread.

Anyway once I finally got it together I used elastic to make sure it fits snugly around my son’s head and then attached two Velcro fasteners to hold it beneath his chin. The tunic was easy. I folded the fabric in half, cut it and sewed up the sides leaving space for the arms. (I then cut that opening in a curve so that it would fit better). I cut a hole for his head to go through. I used iron on decals to make a coat of arms on the front.

The ‘boots’ were more like spats. I took the gold lame and ironed on the interfacing to add some weight. I cut out two oval pieces and stitched them together and two rectangles and stitched them together. I sewed the rectangle to the back of the oval piece. The oval was the front and the rectangle was the part that wrapped around his leg. To hold them on I used Velcro fasteners and elastic. The elastic was attached so that it went around the bottom of the shoe. I cut out the cape and used stitch witchery to hem the edges and ran elastic through the top to tie it on. Seeing him run with the cape flying behind him was the funnies sight! Underneath the Knight costume was a black turtleneck and sweatpants.

Total Spent: $30

Costume by Diane S., Chandler, AZ

Knight Costume

I made my grandson’s Gallant Knight from a pattern by Simplicity to which I added a few embellishments. The two-color tunic, the chain mail sleeves and hood, the cape and the feathered helmet were not part of the pattern.

The chain mail of the costume is silver colored netting. I sewed together the two different materials and then cut the tunic pattern out to get the two-color look.

The helmet came with the Sword and I added the blue plume on top.

The cape was something I added to give the costume more color. The boots are made of silver material sewed together with cotton batting. He loved his costume and felt very special on Halloween night.

Total Spent: $65

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