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Coolest Medieval Crusader Halloween Costume

This Medieval Crusader Halloween costume has 2 parts, the chain-mail part, and the tunic. These are the items I needed to make this costume:
1. A black t-shirt that we no longer wanted.
2. A pair of funky silver pants.
3. A table cloth with a neat weave in the fabric. (This was leftover from the Short Medieval Hooded Cloak costume that I made.)
4. White duct tape.

This costume was for an adult male. The first thing I did was measure the length of his arms to just below the wrist, added 1 inch for seam allowance, and cut the pant legs off at that length. Then I attached them to the t-shirt at the arm hole seam. This part is worn under the tunic, so the shirt doesn’t have to be perfect. Then, he was able to use the remainder of the pants as a chain-mail hood! (of course, you can just buy chain-mail looking fabric for this part if you don’t have funky pants!)

Then I cut a rectangle out of the tablecloth (or other fabric) that was twice as long as his height to mid-thigh, and just a little wider than his shoulders. I cut out a hole for his head that I made sure was smaller than the hole in the t-shirt, so that it would not be seen underneath. Then I made a placket in the back that allowed his actual head to fit through, and added a Velcro closure.

I bound the raw edge with the same fabric. All that was left was to cut out the cross design from duct tape using an exacto knife on a cutting board, and then sticking it on! Easy! And it looks awesome!

Medieval Crusader Costume

Medieval Crusader Costume

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