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Coolest Short Medieval Hooded Cloak Halloween Costume

This is an easy way to make a short Medieval hooded cloak Halloween costume that is very versatile! It could be used in a Knight costume, a monk costume, a riding costume. It is for men or women. No pattern is needed!

Here are the steps:
1. Get some drapey fabric. I purchased a tablecloth with an interesting weave at 75% off, which made it $5! I got two costumes out of it, and had fabric left over.
2. Measure the costume-wearer from the eyebrows to the nape of the neck. This will be the radius of the half circle that you will cut. Add two inches to this for a seam allowance. If you fold the fabric in half, then you will only need to cut 1/4 circle, which is what I did. For my son’s head, we measured 21 inches. We added 2 inches, to give us 23, so my half circle was 46 inches on the straight side. My straight side fell on a portion of the tablecloth that was a finished hem, which made this thing so easy! That is the side that frames the face. I used a fabric pencil tied to a string the length I needed to draw out the quarter circle, and then cut through both layers of fabric.
3. The second piece is simply the rectangle that becomes the body of the cloak. We made a short cloak that was 26 inches in length. The width was about 5 feet. When I cut it out of the tablecloth, 3 of the sides were finished hems. The raw edge was to be joined to the raw edge of the hood, and then I had no other sewing to complete the cloak!
4. Now for the hardest part. Baste a stitch around the edge of the half circle, and also along the portion of the rectangle that you want to join to the hood, and start gathering! One piece may need to be gathered more than the other, so just keep an eye on it. I kept trying it on my son until we had it gathered to where he wanted it to fall on his neck. Then pin the two pieces together, and sew! I added a seam cover on the inside that had extra length to it to become the ties.

There you have it!

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