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Coolest Medieval Knight, Prince And Servant Costume

I love family Halloween themes – so this particular year I decided that we were just a servants to our little prince! I did a lot of research on the internet to make sure they were as accurate as possible, like the tunic pattern for example. I modified some patterns from the fabric store (McCall’s I think) to make the Medieval Knight, Prince and servant costumes, and made some up from scratch.

The knight has a “chainmail” shirt and hooded cowl made of a sparkly sequined fabric. It has a large cape and tunic tied with a black rope. He is wearing my old dance tights and faux leather boot covers. I used wonder-under to attach a silvery fabric as the crosses, on front and back of the cape. He has a plastic toy sword which I painted silver.

The prince has a velvet purple cape with a gold fabric liner and gold ribbon trim. (Easily the most expensive of these costumes.) He has a matching purple tunic with puffy sleeves and matching pants. I made the fabric crown with batting and gold fabric, then hot glued on the fake jewels. I even made a expander piece so an adult could wear it later. I ordered the scepter online (which my son promptly broke).

My medieval servant costume has a peasant blouse, half cape with hood, matching skirt and lace up vest. I wore my old cowboy boots with it. I also made a cape out of the blouse fabric and stiff interfacing.

I spent over a month sewing them and $180 on fabric & notions. I’d do it all over again – so much fun!

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