Coolest Medieval Crusader Halloween Costume

Medieval Crusader Costume

This Medieval Crusader Halloween costume has 2 parts, the chain-mail part, and the tunic. These are the items I needed to make this costume: 1. A black t-shirt that we no longer wanted. 2. A pair of funky silver pants. 3. A table cloth with a neat weave in the fabric. (This was leftover from … Read more

Coolest Medieval Armor Hallowen Costume

Medieval Armor Costume

This Medieval Armor Halloween costume worked out great for my son! I was trying to think of what flexible material there is that is metallic looking, and thought of those sunshades that go in your car window. I picked one up at the end of the season for 75% off, so I only spent $2.50 … Read more

Coolest Short Medieval Hooded Cloak Halloween Costume

Short Medieval Hooded Cloak

This is an easy way to make a short Medieval hooded cloak Halloween costume that is very versatile! It could be used in a Knight costume, a monk costume, a riding costume. It is for men or women. No pattern is needed! Here are the steps: 1. Get some drapey fabric. I purchased a tablecloth … Read more