Coolest Medieval Crusader Halloween Costume

Medieval Crusader Costume

This Medieval Crusader Halloween costume has 2 parts, the chain-mail part, and the tunic. These are the items I needed to make this costume: 1. A black t-shirt that we no longer wanted. 2. A pair of funky silver pants. 3. A table cloth with a neat weave in the fabric. (This was leftover from … Read more

Coolest Medieval Armor Hallowen Costume

Medieval Armor Costume

This Medieval Armor Halloween costume worked out great for my son! I was trying to think of what flexible material there is that is metallic looking, and thought of those sunshades that go in your car window. I picked one up at the end of the season for 75% off, so I only spent $2.50 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume

Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume

My 3.5 year old Derrick decided he wanted a Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume. I did some looking around for a good knight costume but all the costumes were lame, too expensive, or both. So I put this together for him. Granted it is not perfect and if I had it to do over there … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Prince Costume

Homemade Baby Prince Costume

Baby brother needed to match big brother’s theme for Halloween and there wasn’t much time left. What to do to make this Homemade Baby Prince Costume? Simple. Take a kitchen towel with a cool design on the edge, add a printable iron-on transfer from the stash combined with a graphic courtesy of the internet, whip … Read more

Coolest Homemade Knight In Shining Cardboard Costume

Homemade Knight In Shining Cardboard Costume

My armor is constructed entirely of cardboard. This is not corrugated cardboard but more like the kind you would find on the bottom of a yellow legal notepad. I downloaded an image of an actual Knights armor and used that as a starting point. All of the cardboard to cardboard connections are made with two … Read more

Coolest Short Medieval Hooded Cloak Halloween Costume

Short Medieval Hooded Cloak

This is an easy way to make a short Medieval hooded cloak Halloween costume that is very versatile! It could be used in a Knight costume, a monk costume, a riding costume. It is for men or women. No pattern is needed! Here are the steps: 1. Get some drapey fabric. I purchased a tablecloth … Read more