Coolest Homemade Knight In Shining Cardboard Costume

Homemade Knight In Shining Cardboard Costume

My armor is constructed entirely of cardboard. This is not corrugated cardboard but more like the kind you would find on the bottom of a yellow legal notepad. I downloaded an image of an actual Knights armor and used that as a starting point. All of the cardboard to cardboard connections are made with two … Read more

Coolest Short Medieval Hooded Cloak Halloween Costume

Short Medieval Hooded Cloak

This is an easy way to make a short Medieval hooded cloak Halloween costume that is very versatile! It could be used in a Knight costume, a monk costume, a riding costume. It is for men or women. No pattern is needed! Here are the steps: 1. Get some drapey fabric. I purchased a tablecloth … Read more

Coolest Homemade Boy’s Knight Costume

Coolest Homemade Boy's Knight Costume

My son’s Homemade Boy’s Knight Costume is made with cardboard. The only things we purchased were the yellow ostrich feather and the silver mesh cloth for the chain mail underlayer. The rivets of the armor are just dots of hot glue painted with silver spray paint and then a light patina was washed on with … Read more

Knight Riding on a Horse Illusion Costume

This is a horse costume I made for a birthday party we had in a house. It’s a knight or a king riding a horse. The funny part is that you will look like a little person riding a horse! You will need a cardboard box as wide as you are and approximately four feet … Read more

Knight Costume

Materials you need for this Knight costume: ‘Metallic’ fabric for the mail, shiny fabric for the tunic, gold lame for the cape and ‘boots’, gold and silver iron on decals for the coat of arms, elastic fusible interfacing, Velcro Stitch witchery. I made his ‘mail’ with metallic fabric. This took awhile since I didn’t use … Read more

Knight Costume

I made my grandson’s Gallant Knight from a pattern by Simplicity to which I added a few embellishments. The two-color tunic, the chain mail sleeves and hood, the cape and the feathered helmet were not part of the pattern. The chain mail of the costume is silver colored netting. I sewed together the two different … Read more