Coolest Homemade Boy’s Knight Costume

My son’s Homemade Boy’s Knight Costume is made with cardboard. The only things we purchased were the yellow ostrich feather and the silver mesh cloth for the chain mail underlayer. The rivets of the armor are just dots of hot glue painted with silver spray paint and then a light patina was washed on with thinned black acrylic paint that is then rubbed off the high points. It was so windy the plume of his helmet was difficult to photograph.

While this knight costume stands alone, his sister was a Medieval Lady.

Coolest Homemade Boy's Knight Costume

Coolest Homemade Boy's Knight Costume

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  1. My 7 yr old really wants to be a night for halloween this year. You did a fantastic job on this. Do you by any chance have any sort of pattern or instructions? I would love any help you could give me. Thanks!

  2. Do you have a pattern or any other helpful information for this costume? My son really would like to be a knight for halloween this year, and you did a wonderful job on this. You can email me at with any info. Thank you!

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