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Coolest Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume

My 3.5 year old Derrick decided he wanted a Homemade Royal Knight Halloween Costume. I did some looking around for a good knight costume but all the costumes were lame, too expensive, or both. So I put this together for him. Granted it is not perfect and if I had it to do over there are things I would do differently but he loved it and I didn’t have to spend much to make it.

The chest piece was the most difficult and time consuming part. It is made from cardboard, hot glue, craft foam, spray paint, and an emblem salvaged off of a dollar store shield. He is also sporting a helmet, gauntlets and sword from the same dollar store as I did not find a knight helmet I could make until much later. He has a shiny ladies’ shirt buttoned up backwards and the knee armor is made from those little dust masks for painting and such. The leg armor is recycled plastic from around the house. We topped it off with a red piece of fabric for a cape.

All in a fairly inexpensive costume which received compliments everywhere we went. Derrick liked it so well he chose a knights theme for his 4th birthday party.

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  1. I love that you used recycled plastic bottles for the leg and foot armor. My boy wants to be a knight and I couldn’t think how to get the boots! So thanks!


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