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Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume

Ok guys, (or should I say Gal’s) ;) here are the amazing yet quite simple ingredients for this FIERCE, FUN, RIDICULOUSLY COLORFUL costume: white long sleeved dress $13 from Forever 21, kids wing pack $19.99 @ Party City, white toe-in ladies tights $6 from Target, and bright green Tutu $6 from the amazing Amazon.com (be sure to order way ahead of time to allow for shipping) Everything else aside from Tutu I bought on HALLOWEEN DAY! Probably don’t do that! ;)

Now for the FUN Part, putting it all together. Go ahead and put the dress on, making sure it fits nicely. Then proceed with slipping on those white tights. You should look something similar to a Q-Tip (ha ha) Great! Ok, like I said this costume is particularly for an adult, as I am a 31 year old adult woman, lol! So with that being said, I found myself having to think quickly after I opened the packaging with-holding the kids size “Wing Pack”. (which CLEARLY says for ages 2-5 yrs) I tried and tried multiple times to make this thing fit but; well, just NO! It was then that I realized some snipping ✂✂ would have to take place, considering I couldn’t even get it over my head, and my head is not THAT big! So I chose to cut from the top, splitting the wings from the chest piece. Now, being that I’m a Queen of random creativity, this step in the costume creation was by far my FAVORITE. I literally sat there with two pieces of a “wing pack” (keep in mind all Halloween sales are FINAL and NO RETURNS, ha ha) thinking “CRAP! now what? what am I using to mend these two back together?” I will say that while I would recommend using either green or purple ribbon, possibly suspenders, or even shoestrings, the random green straps that I borrowed from my roommates green bra worked quite amazingly. (Shhhh, don’t tell) After I sewed those on, reconnecting wings back to chest piece it was a perfect fit. If you’re not familiar with needle and string, perhaps try a few safety pins. No poking or bleeding allowed in this process. ;)

Finally, We’re almost done. Hang tight, BREATHE,  Ok now go grab a hold of your green Tutu, put it on and fluff it to the maximum. Here’s a helpful hint: Tutu’s do NOT go around your head (wink wink!)

Last but not least, I added what looks like two garter belts. They are actually headbands (fooled ya) that I had lying around, Just to add that extra little POP of Purple. And for some fancy footwear: White boots are absolutely fitting for this costume but however, since I was going to be working a 14 hour day in this amazing outfit, I wore flats for comfort. Oh, and DO NOT forget to make-up that face B-E-A-UTIFULLLLL and make your space face stand out! I used light green eyeliner on the bottom lid and lots of purple shadow on the top lid to give that “Space Rangery glow”.

Hopefully you love to plan ahead and don’t have to wait until the last minute, although I enjoy the “Pressure” at times.

So are we ready or what! Now that you’re in your festive get up, go out and show it off! Get Ready though, because people are going to be staring at you ALL day/night! Now even though I worked most of the day I still kept in character until the End *THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS COSTUME!* I did win the best individual costume contest at my company party partially because I never broke character. Use those Buzz sayings “To Infinity and Beyond”, “I am not a toy, I am a Space Ranger”.This costume was a total Success and so vibrant and fun, you can’t help but catch every eye! Keep in mind that if you have a favorite Mate or BFF, have them dress up as Sheriff Woody and do the whole couples costume idea and “Reach for the Sky” Make sure Woody has the pull string, as he is a pull toy. So much fun to play off each other at work or whatever party you attend.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fun-easy-last minute costume making story and are inspired to take your next Halloween To Infinity and Beyond! Happy Halloween-ing!

-LeiLani… A.K.A Ms. Lightyear

Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume

Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume

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