Creating this Toy Story group costume with my closest friends was nothing short of exciting. We wanted to dress up together, but there was so many of us that it was difficult to find something we could all wear and agree upon. We wanted a costume where we could dress up with our boyfriends/girlfriends and still dress up with our friends who were single.

Toy Story was the answer to our problem. Toy Story costumes are done a lot, so we wanted to do something different. There are so many characters that everyone was happy with their costume. I was the little green alien, along with my boyfriend. The only thing we bought was our head because that is a little harder to re-create. He wore a blue t-shirt and blue scrubs and I work a blue skirt with lime green tights and a t-shirt to make it a little more girly. I then painted the Saturn symbol the aliens have on their shirt, on ours.

Everyone else created his or her costumes as well. Mrs. Potato Head bought a little orange dress and glued felt eyes on it. Wheezy the Penguin looked like a penguin and even put a squeaker in her shirt. Woody and Jessie went to Savers and bought cowboy stuff to paint and make it look like the actual costumes.

The characters we included were: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Rex (the dinosaur), Wheezy (the penguin), little green aliens, Bo Peep, Slinky (the dog), Barrel o’ Monkeys, Evil Emperor Zurg, Barbie, and Ken.

This costume was easy and a crowd favorite. Everyone laughed when they saw us and said how great of an idea it was. It is one thing to be Woody, Jessie or Buzz, but we went all out and created costumes that a lot of people had not seen before.