Our radio station crew dresses up every year and volunteers to give out candy at our annual Trunk or Treat on Mainstreet Event in Levelland, TX. We bring our sound system, dress up with a theme and hand out candy and do photo ops with the community kids (and adults)! :-)

This year our theme was Toy Story for Big Girls and Boys! We were a huge hit with our homemade costumes. We had our Sports Broadcaster/Station Manager as Buzz Lightyear, our News Director as Woody, our Owner/Operation as Jessi and our Traffic Manager as Ms Potato Head. We had a blast and the kids loved it!

Our owner operator has been making homemade costumes for her kids for years with her last one graduating last year, so she turned her crafting skills to the station crew.

For Woody, she surged up cow-print material and faux tan leather into a vest, added a wooden yellow/gold star from Hobby Lobby that she added Sheriff to, made a red bandanna neck-kerchief, topped it off with jeans, boots and a good old Texas cowboy hat, and then made an empty holster and belt buckle from colored foam pieces. Finally, she took a foam wreath circle and added a retractable key chain and voila,Woody had a pull string!

Jessi was similar. She made cow-print/black faux leather material chaps, took a white collar shirt and added yellow and red felt that was witchery stitched in place. She also used some sturdier yellow pieces with the red sticky felt to make cuffs, added jeans, boots, and a red cowgirl hat with red glitter, her pull string like Woody’s and finished off both Woody and Jessi costumes with some painted large wooden button pieces.

Ms Potato Head was largely made from burlap material and she added a draw string to the bottom so our Traffic Director could poof it at the bottom and create the potato shape. She added the features to the sack and some gloves and voila, Ms Potato Head!

Finally the majority of the work went into our Buzz Lightyear. The materials used for Buzz included a painters suit, multi-colored duct tape, cardboard, printable sticker and iron on transfer paper and paint.

Included are individual pics as well as a group picture. We hope we make you smile.