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Inexpensive Columbia Costume from Rocky Horror

All of this Columbia costume I either bought from the Op shop or I already had the items. The hat I bought from Safeway, the bow tie I bought from a 2 Dollar shop, the jacket, top and shorts I bought from my local op shop, the black tank top, belt, socks and shoes I already had, and the fishnet stockings I bought from Spotlight. I got this costume together in about a week for no more than $20 for the lot.

The make up takes about 10 minutes to put on not including the red nail polish which I put on the night before. This costume was both easy and fun to put together even though I had a bit of trouble finding a golden jacket. I had a lot of fun putting this costume together.

My favorite part of the costume is my shoes, socks and fishnets because they are very comfortable to wear and look pretty realistic.

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