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Coolest Columbia Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume

I have wanted to construct a Columbia Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume for quite a number of years, and this year I was finally able to. The costume is based on what the character Columbia wore in the very beginning of the film and is composed of many parts: a gold sequin top hat, red sequin bow tie, gold sequin tailcoat with black sequin detail, multicolored sequin bustier, black satin cuffed shorts with various colors of vertical satin ribbon, black seamed fishnet stockings, light blue socks and silver glitter tap shoes.

Most of the components of the costume are hand made. I started with the creation of the bow tie, which is strips of red sequined trim sewed together to create a a substantial width around 6 inches. Wire is sewn around the perimeter of the bow tie to create shape and structure.

The next piece I constructed was the satin shorts. This piece was the most challenging in the fact that each of the 4 panels, the back pockets, and the cuffs are embellished with colored ribbons of green, blue, gold, red, and orange in a specific order. Before I could sew all the elements of the shorts, I had to cut, pin, and sew all of the ribbons on the 4 panels, the back pockets, and the cuffs. I added a side zipper and button closure.

After completing the shorts, I created the gold sequin tailcoat. The tailcoat’s front is cropped with no closure and embellished with a round black sequin collar. After cutting the fabric and lining, sewing the tailcoat was straightforward and uncomplicated. The only additional embellishment was the addition of 4 buttons on the front (2 on each side) and 2 buttons on the back.

The 3 final pieces were the creation of the bustier, the top hat and the tap shoes. The bustier was created from a light weight flat sequin material lined with a cotton jersey. The top hat was made by covering a pre-made form with the same gold sequin material used in the tailcoat. The tap shoes (originally black) were altered using spray glue and silver loos glitter.

I have been sewing since I was 8 and I had the best time creating this Columbia Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume. I love Halloween!

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