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Cutest Toddler Rocky Horror Picture Show Columbia Costume

I’ve been a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for about 20 years and when I found out I was going to have a daughter I knew I had to take advantage of this idea and make her a Columbia costume. The reactions have been amazing. The image was posted on the official Rocky Horror Picture show Facebook page and it got 10,000+ likes within the first 24 hours.

This is my 16 month old daughter Cosette. It took me around 3 months to make this costume and it was my first time ever  using a sewing machine. I bought one just for this project. I used the screenshots and my Bluray of the movie to design this and it is movie screen accurate.

Top Hat – My wife crocheted a top hat and I sewed and glued the gold sequined fabric onto it. I needed to put a strap on it because my daughter hates hats and she wouldn’t leave it on. The strap was copied from the strap on a pair of overalls.

Tailcoat – I picked up a hand me down coat from a local store, hand-cut the bottom tail freehand, and sewed it onto the bottom of the jacket. Since this was my first time sewing I became very daring and removed the arms so I could tuck the gold sequins between the shoulder and the arm. I failed at that so I needed to have someone help me re-attach the arms.

Bow Tie – A bow tie came with the hand me down jacket. I traced the pattern and sewed a piece of silk to the back so it doesn’t bother my daughters neck.  I also attached a elastic strap to keep it on her.

Shirt – The shirt is only half sequins. The back is elastic so I can slip it on her and not worry about it falling off. I also added shoulder straps so if she puts her arms up it doesn’t fall down.

Pants – The pants are just regular shorts from Old Navy. I used hem tape to put the color ribbon on.

Stockings – It’s not easy to find stockings for a toddler so we just bought small children’s stockings. Most of the stockings are in her socks and shorts.

Shoes – A pair of Mary Janes from Payless were used. I had to hand glue every sequin on one by one.

The gold and multicolored fabric were all found on eBay and everything else was found at a Michaels or a Jo-Ann’s Fabric.

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