To become Alice in Zombieland, it took about a month and a half to prepare and about four hours of making. Almost all the accessories I bought online, I needed to think through what I would need and how I would use it. The dress I bought on eBay for about 20£ as a whole Alice dress. I tore it apart and sprayed black hair spray here and there so it would look naturally dirty. And of course I added blood. The blood, to make it look natural I also sprayed it over the dress and me, especially the face.

The eye that looks infected is a sclera lens, it is custom-made and costs $ 180. The wounds on the neck and cheek are of gelatin and can be bought and glued on rather simple. To make my face a lite bit older I took face wax around the eye area just to make my eye bags bigger. The wax can also be used to smeer all over the face to make it look torn. And of course, a lot of makeup!

Hope you like it!!