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Homemade Renaissance Costume for my Boyfriend

I had been dating my boyfriend for a few weeks when he invited me to a LARP event, because I liked making costumes and he thought it would be something that would interest me. However, he was the one who needed a costume. The tricorn hat (complete with massive ostrich feather) was one I had made for my brother out of a ladies felt sun hat. I had made the full sleeved white shirt earlier in the year for a dance performance.

I made a pair of red harem pants out of poplin, to go under the slotted pants, which proved to be the hardest part. I had made a tabbard before (although it turned out a little too wide, I think someone lied to me about how robust his shoulders were), but now had to lace on a band, which was attached to bands of printed quilting material (which we hoped would be lighter than brocade). Each “band” of the sleeves and pants had to be made from a tube of fabric, flattened out and hand sewed into place.

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