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Sexy Homemade Medusa Costume

This Medusa Costume is from 2011, last year I had such a hard time deciding what I was going to be for Halloween. I was going through a mythology book when I came across Medusa. I thought if I could make the costume sexy and original it would be a good idea.

How to make the costume:

For the top I used parts of a one piece bathing suit and added extra fabric that had a snake feel to it, it looked like it had scales. The skirt I got tulle and the fabric used and cut it into jagged layers then sewed them together, it was 2 layers of fabric and one of tulle all seperate lengths and sizes.

My head piece was the most difficult part, I took fabric from my skirt, stuffed it with pillow stuffing and sewed it into a circular crown shaped piece, then I took wire and fastened it to the fabric piece.  I then took a dozen rubber snakes and I attached them to the fabric piece with more wire. It took a lot of patience and experimentation to get the head piece to look correct. I had many snakes hanging down on the sides and the back so it looked like they were in my hair.

For make up effects, I used a tennis racket placed up against my body and brushed make up onto my skin over the racket to make it look like I had scales, and I used all white contacts.

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