Homemade Mad Hatter Costume for a Girl

My daughter wanted to be the Mad Hatter but we never get store bought costumes.  We may buy accessories but we put together our own costumes.  She found most everything she needed at the Goodwill but we had to go to the Halloween store for the hat.  We looked on the internet for ideas on her makeup from the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter.

We painted her white and used pink and purple eye shadows for her facial shadows and bone structure and then pink and blue on her eyes. We used fake pink eyelashes to make the bushy eyebrow effect.  We used orange hair spray paint and lots and lots of hairspray on her hair.  We used a crimping iron to get it to stand out stiff and give it that wild flare.

She was definitely original with her version of the Mad Hatter!  Her friends loved it and as we all know teens aren’t the easiest group to impress!!

Homemade Mad Hatter Costume for a Girl

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