Coolest Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Costume

Deciding to put together Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter costume was a process for me.

I have always loved Halloween and dressing up as someone or something totally different. I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp. He can transform himself into anyone and always nails it.

As a kid I loved Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter always stood out to me as someone who was just so different than the average person. The way he dresses in bright outcast colors just screams happiness with craziness. I always played pretend when I was little and would act like I was at one of the great Tea parties. How fun would that be?…right?

This year as I was deciding what to be for Halloween I was reminded by the movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and my love for the Mad Hatter and Johnny Depp.

I had a Halloween party on October 29th where I debuted my version of Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter costume and everyone loved it!

Everyone said I looked so much like the “real deal”. They actually just looked shocked and in disbelief and kept staring. Which was totally fine with me. That made me more like the Mad Hatter. People from my party is who actually told me to enter the contest. Probably 10 or so people told me to enter a Halloween costume.

After I posted a picture of myself in my Mad Hatter costume to social media, a professional photographer contacted me twice wanted to do a photo shoot with me for free! That was probably the most exciting to hear. I don’t know if I will do that or not but it was fun to hear.

When I was outside taking these pictures I posted of myself people riding by almost broke their neck looking at me. It was such a fun Mad Hatter costume and I loved the reaction people gave me.

Tim Burton's Mad Hatter Costume

Tim Burton's Mad Hatter Costume

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