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Homemade Florida Gators Mascot Couple Costumes

When my kids were little I  made them pretty elaborate Halloween costumes every year.  This year when I said I needed them for my husband and me they said  “you used to make the coolest costumes ever, but you’ve lost that touch.”  Feeling this was a challenge, I told them to pick two costumes and I would prove to them I still had the touch!  They picked, of course, their favorite team the Florida Gators and said we should be Albert and Alberta.  When I was finished they were amazed and told me how awesome the costumes were.

I had to use a child’s dinosaur pattern and scale it to fit us, but overall it was pretty simple.  I sewed and stuffed the costumes and then did the heads by designing them to look like a picture that I had printed of the two dinosaurs.  We will be walking around in Chicago for a huge party we have to go to in October in these.  Cannot wait to see people’s reaction!  This was so much fun!

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