Homemade Bad-Girl Ursula Costume

The last costume I made was over 20yrs. My 3yr old niece wanted to be “Bad-girl Ursula. I had no clue until she showed me pictures, it took me 2mos. to come up with a design and make the octopus legs look real.

I got bumpy material cut it in octopus shape, sew opposite sides together and stuff it with a swimming noodle(light and cheaper than stuffing) cut halfway the long- side and the tip with pillow stuffing. This was hard but after making six legs it became easy especially when my helpful niece kept using the legs as swords.

The skirt was made of black and purple Toole sewn to ribbon covered over elastic. The legs were attached to a satin ribbon and tied on top of skirt to make easy to be removed. The top was a piece of sequence wrapped over elastic to make it flexible.

The mask was a mini replica of the big face toon that she couldn’t fit. So I decided on a home-made mask. It was quite difficult but fun to make. I painted a plain mask a light lilac, used black marker for eye liner and some black vinyl with blue eyeshadow. The lips were red vinyl.

The funniest part was when I finally made the costume and one of the legs got caught on a chair leg and Bad Girl Ursula was just dragging it along. We laughed and said these legs are like captain hooks arm…

My family was amazed at the idea becoming a reality creatively. I was happy to make my little one smile plus show her how to sew. The cutest part of all was that I had to kept feeding this kid M&Ms just to keep trying on the costume. Can’t wait to see what she wants to be next year.

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