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100+ Epic Homemade Roman, Mythical and Greek Costume Ideas

Gone are the days of throwing a sheet over yourself and calling it a toga. With the plethora of books and movies for inspiration, these Roman, Mythical and Greek costume ideas have reached epic proportions.

If you have muscles to show off, a Spartacus costume is a brilliant idea. Another amazing idea is Medusa. The different versions of Medusa featured here are actually breathtaking. For a couple costume idea, you can bring along a stone victim like someone here did.

In addition, you will find an adorable baby Cupid, awesome Centaur costumes and a woman who transformed herself into a singing harp.

Even more idea include Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena – names that roll off your tongue.

Another cool option is to make DIY costumes out of recycled material. You will see gladiators, crusaders, knights and princess costumes that have interestingly all been made out of beer bottle packaging.

So whether you transform into a Satyr, unicorn or human statue, you will find all the homemade costume inspiration you need here.

Latest Roman, Mythology and Greek Costumes

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Featured Roman, Mythology and Greek Costume Ideas

Amazing Hand Made Art Deco Medusa Costume

Amazing Hand Made Art Deco Medusa Costume

Art Deco Medusa was handmade by myself and personally styled from the shoes to the headdress, leaving no element un-finessed. The pattern for the dress is researched from 1920’s flapper-style dresses and is made from second-hand deconstructed garments. These garments included an old beaded prom dress, some oversized velvet shirts, and some lace-y undergarments.  All of these components are hand dyed and screen printed and create a stone-cold color palette. Read more »

Beautiful Homemade White Satyr Costume for a Girl

Beautiful Satyr Costume

Here’s the story behind our beautiful Satyr costume. We always make my daughters costumes and try to top ourselves the next year. This year my daughter actually wanted to be Poison Ivy which I was pretty excited about, but, my older daughter  wanted to be a centaur for Halloween. We were not sure how well she would be able to get up stairs to trick or treat and didn’t want her to miss that part of trick or treating, so… Read more »

Awesome Homemade Fantasia Centaurette Costume

fantasia centaurette costume

My daughter Giselle is responsible for dreaming this Fantasia Centaurette costume up! Giselle has slight sensory processing challenges that over the years has led to very selective screen time. The high drama and battles of most Disney movies overwhelm her, without fail. We try to find movies to cuddle and watch together. And more often than not, end up turning them off before even halfway. One of the exceptions to this happens to be the original Fantasia movie, which she loved from the first time she saw it. Read more »