This great pet dog Halloween costume came about since our dog already comes with his own “fro.”  I bought about 2 yards of tie-dyed fabric, and 1.5 yards of brown fringe.  This was enough for my child’s costume as well.  Plus hippie glasses,  wig and necklaces.  We already had a shirt for my child. I used a sewing machine on all edges. I would fold under edges and sew to keep from fraying.

I cut a triangle out of the material for the bandana.  Next I cut two separate long strips of 3-4″ wide material for the ties around their heads (measure around head and add 12-14″ so you are able to tie at the back of the head and leave some to hang down). Cut rectangles for the legs- about 4″ high, measure for length around-add 1-2″ or pre-measure the width for pants. Cut fringe that is 4″ longer than rectangles (the extra will be used to tie the rectangles at the back of the leg).

Sew fringe to the top of each rectangle, leave 2″ on either side  (I did end up safety-pinning the rectangles onto my child’s pants along with tying, just to secure.  I sewed a black elastic hair tie to the middle-top of the rectangle on the inside, to secure around my poodle’s legs-one quick hand-sewn stitch to hold,  it wasn’t too tight or uncomfortable and they didn’t slide down at all.)  To keep my poodle’s glasses on, I put the end of the glasses over the edges of head-band (to keep them up,) and I glued (or you can sew) black material that loops under his chin, and connects to the sides of the glasses (to keep them forward.)

We just bought the wig and glasses for the last competition, we pulled out all the stops since there were almost 50 dogs competing, it really made the costume unique!  I didn’t use any pattern, or any pictures to look a when making this, so it took about 1.5hrs total since I was making from ideas in my head. We’ve won 4 different pet costume contests with this costume, and everyone always loves it, cameras are flashing everywhere!