BugZee is sad…BugZee is a little 10 pound Dachshund, and when he went shopping at the local pet store for his Halloween costume, nothing caught his eye at all.  He wanted to be something that would show everyone his personality. He wanted to be a knight’s horse, a Steed, a Charger!!

His mom worked tirelessly to create him the perfect costume.  She endured endless fittings with a dog that doesn’t sit still, sticking herself with the pins so he didn’t get hurt.  Try finding a doll that will fit a 10 pound dog, yea, Mulan got a makeover. On that day, the day that she finished, when BugZee looked into the mirror…BugZee was the happiest little dog around.  Because now, now he was finally what he should have been born as, BugZee was a Warhorse!