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Grateful Dad 3D Album Cover Costume

I was tired of the same old costumes, so i decided to make mine, I had a costume party coming up and it happend to fall on  Día de Muertos, The band that was going to be playing was a classic rock / grateful dead tribute band! I figured everyone would be a sugar skull or hippies so I decided to put a little spin on things and do both.

This is a great costume for both Guys and Girls!

What you’ll need:

  • foam board poaster
  • markers or paint
  • black head band
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing needle
  • fake roses
  • measuring tape
  • photo of the Skeletons and Roses Album
  • exacto knife
  • 1 spool of ribbon ( red, yellow or black ..your choise)
  • black and white face paint

Getting Started

Find a picture of the Skeletons and Roses album cover ( this can work with several diffferent grateful dead albums like skeletons from the closet, the history of the grateful dead, the best of the grateful dead….)

now take your foam board and measure it out  into a square  ( quick tip if you get one of the tri-fold foam board posters just take off the one side and secure the seam of the one fold with tape,it is a perfect square)


Getting Started

Draw It Out

Now that you have your board sized up, refer to you photo and begin to draw out the cover in pencil.

When you get to the area where the skeletons head is ment to be simply take a standard plate and  trace a circle

After you have complete drawing, its time to add some color. Paint or color the design in.

Once finished go over the outline with black marker

Cut and Trim It Out

Take your exacto knife and cut the circle you made with a plate. This will be your opening for your face.

Take your hot glue and ribbon and glue the ribbon to the boarder of the album , as well as the inside area of the circle.

Cut and Trim It Out

The Head Piece

Your only going to need the tops of the flowers so discard the rest . Now take the fake flowers apart and re assemble them securing them with hot glue.. (This helps the flowers keep it struchture ) snip the bottom of the flower off (the part that holds the flower to the stem) this way you will have a flat suface when sewing

Using a streatchy headban, take a needle and thread and sew one of the flowers on ( this will be your starting point). Now sew more flowers every three inches till you reach your starting point.


Now take the white face paint and skectch out your skeleton face, then fill it in

Using the black fill in all the negitive spaces around the skull you just made. Carfully draw in your mouth. I used a eye pencil and then went back over with the face paint.


Finishing touches

Now that your costume is done you can add little touches,

Ladies:There are lots of options on what you can wear, try to find somthing that matches the rest of the costune …my dress was a happy accident.  For your feet, knee high socks  that have a skeleton design and skeleton heels

Guys: Wear a skeleton hoodie or shirt. For your feet  skeleton socks and skeleton feeet sneakers ( you can make em)

Finishing touches

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