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Coolest Grateful Dead Bear Costume

This Homemade Grateful Dead Bear Costume was such a hit! and so easy to make! If you’re crafty you can make your own custom fur costume, but if you’re not as crafty you can buy one. You can easily turn a costume base from another costume to make your dead bear (ex: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird etc.), you just need some sort of colorful fur.

For the signature neck accessory, I bought colored felt and cut zig-zags on the bottom and glued it to my fur. I also bought white tights and dyed them with fabric dye (RIT). You can use in the washing machine since I couldn’t find bright yellow tights.

The shoes are kids slippers. I also used hippy tattoos with hearts and peace signs everywhere. My Jerry Garcia doll was probably the biggest purchase, I found that on E-bay.

Whatever you do be mellow, free spirited, and have fun with it! After all that’s what the Dead was all about.

Grateful Dead Bear

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