Coolest Homemade Grateful Dead Costume

My 11 month old son is in a Grateful Dead Costume dancing bear for his first Halloween. I transformed my old radio flyer into a Volkswagen bus by recycling diaper boxes and then using paper mache and spray paint.

I finished it off with some eBay finds and the bus was driven by Jerry Garcia. My peanut apparently did a little too much partying with the band and was asleep for the parade!

Homemade Grateful Dead Costume

10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Grateful Dead Costume”

  1. My husband would flip over this costume! You get major points for creativity on this one (not to mention coolponts as well). Well done!

  2. Omg me and my Hubby wanted our baby girl to be one but wanted to wait till shed be walking! It’s adorable!!!

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