Every year we do homemade costumes and every year are boys costumes, all go together! This year we decided to do LMFAO since they  LOVE them!! They love to dance and sing their songs and know them all by heart. So the fun began and I started making the costumes.

I bought the zebra pants in the little girl section of Walmart, they were black and white so I dyed them bright green and pink! Also bought plain black tee’s to make the shirts with at Walmart! The gold and black outfit was made with gold spray paint and stencils that I cut out from poster board. The heart necklaces were made from foam like paper and beads that were also spray painted. The zebra bracelets are just zebra duct tape.

I traced and cut out letters from zebra fabric for the shirts and glued them on and went over the outline with neon puff paint to hold them on! I had zebra glasses laying around and took the len’s out, the party rock ones were bought on line.The wigs were also purchased online. The box head was a Huggies diaper box I wrapped with gold wrapping paper. The bolts are closet door knobs I sprayed gold and hot glued on.

the mouth is screen from my parents extra roll of window screen (that’s what he looked through) and the eyes were cut out and replaced by red foam paper! Lastly I painted their nails and drew facial hair with a marker!!

They LOVED their costumes this year and got so many “WOW’s” and compliments. They danced all night and had a blast and I even had the songs playing while they were trick r treating!! Everyone loved them!